About PASE

PASE is a non-profit association which unofficially formed in the mid-1980s and currently represents over 130 growers, the majority of pulse growers in the Esperance Port Zone, with the goal to facilitate an increase in the area and quality of pulses grown in the region. PASE aims to achieve this vision by providing extension of best practice production techniques and efficient and suitable delivery services through CBH, which currently receives and exports around 90 per cent of the Western Australian grain harvest and is regarded as one of the best storage and handling systems in the world. PASE has exported over 40,000 tonnes of field peas per year at its peak, totalling almost 230,000 tonnes since 2007/08. These exports have included bulk shipments and also smaller parcels in containers out of Perth.

Contact details:

Pulse Association of the South East Inc.

Address: 1/113 Dempster Street

Postal: PO BOX 2187, Esperance WA 6450

Tel: (08) 9071 3655

Fax: (08) 9071 6655

Email: Pase.inc@bigpond.com

Website: www.pase.org.au

ABN: 62 878 204 377